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Gilles Lamoureux

Founder of the Doctor of Furniture

A family tradition !


Gilles Lamoureux was hired as a cabinet maker / repairman by Colonial Furniture in Ottawa in 1964. With more than 28 years of experience, he founded his own company in 1992 under the banner 2835029 Canada Inc The Furniture Doctor . A column in the Ottawa Citizen daily was published in 1998 citing a flourishing demand for home service and the excellent professional work of the Furniture Doctor. Many stores used his services during many years until his retirement.


The family tradition continues since Gille's son Richard (Rick) has taken the Furniture Doctor to new heights, specializing in the residential sector for home furniture repair in the greater Montreal area. Although their workshop can also accommodate furniture requiring a more in-depth repair work (upholstery or major repairs), their home service remains the service most appreciated by their clients. They also offer weekday,  evenings and weekends service to give thier clientele more flexibility with their  busy schedules at a very affordable rate.


In addition, a commercial section was added to compliment larger furniture stores, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes and moving companies. We also offer a variety of services such as furniture refishing and upholstery restoration. Contact us for a quote by email or phone.

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